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Information Technology Consulting Services

Small & Medium Business Information Technology

Finding the right technological tools to help your business grow is no easy task; doing so efficiently while saving money is even harder.

Autronix can help your business establish the technological requirements for your organization while working with a tight budget.

By performing an in-depth assessment of your needs and expected growth, we can provide a detailed analysis of the tools that your business requires for optimal productivity and implement them.

We work with you to get things done.

Internationalization and Technical Translation

Reaching a wide audience in a globalized environment is a necessity; to achieve that, your organization must speak the language.

By internationalizing, your company can target a wider client base thus increasing the potential profitability of your business.

With expertise in Latin American markets and French speaking audiences, Autronix can help you transform your business to suit that need.


Technical & Administrative Support

Obtaining hardware and software to suit your organizational needs is only the first part of the technological process. While everything may function as intended, maintaining an supporting this equipment is critical to continued business operation.

At Autronix, we understand that not all companies can afford full time technicians and administrators for their systems.

We can help you fill that gap by providing on-demand technical and administrative support for your technological equipment and end users.


Information Security & Data Protection

Network security, data integrity and intellectual property protection are key factors in maintaining a healthy and reputable business.

Protecting your network and data stems from good preparation in order to mitigate an event before it happens and good handling procedures when an incident does happen.

Autronix offers a wide range of Information Security services to meet that need: network security assessments, incident response plan development, staff training in computer security practices and penetration testing.


Software Development and Technical Drafting

Finding the right tool for the job is not always easy; sometimes you must make your own.

Autronix offers Software and Web Application development services to make the perfect tool for your business' operation specific needs.

Whether you need native local applications, server-client programs, web-based interfaces and database integration or embedded development, we can help.

Aditionnally, we provide technical and engineering drafting services for your projects.


Consulting services to meet all needs

The success of any enterprise starts with the quality of the tools used to perform the necessary work. Efficiency and low cost are key elements to achieve this success.

By implementing technological solutions within your business, you ensure healthy growth and scalablity for the future. Autronix can help you reach this goal.

Whether you are setting up a new shop, rebuilding your infrastructure, needing for support or looking to secure your data, we can provide comprehensive solutions adapted to each of your corporate technological needs through our computer consulting services for small businesses.

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Internationalization and Technical Translation

Autronix offers translation and internazionalization services to provide your company with the global reach that you need for your projects.

We start by meeting with our potential clients and taking a look at the translation/internationalization requirements. Our services focus on:

  • Technical document translation
  • Technical presentation translation
  • Engineering document translation
  • Software Translation
  • Software Internationalization
    • Web Applications (PHP, Rails, Python)
    • Native Software Applications (C, C++, Java, C#)
    • Mobile Applications (Android, iOS)

We currently offer these conversion services between English, French and Spanish.

We work with you to get the work done; when in doubt we will validate the information to ensure that you convey the message that you originally intended in other languages.

Our translations are guaranteed for accuracy and context when delivered.

Give us a call to find out how we can help.

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Technical & Administrative Support

Small and Medium businesses cannot always afford the expensive costs of having a full time computer technician or system administrator on staff. In order to fill this gap, Autronix offers tailored support services that are adapated to business needs without breaking the bank.

We start by meeting with our potential clients and establishing the support requirements for the organization.

We provide the following services to our clients in Technical & Administrative support:

  • One-time End User Support - On demand technical support
  • One-time Administrative Support - On demand administrative support
  • Subscription based End User Support - Monthly subscription
  • Subscription based Administrative Support - Monthly subscription
  • Urgent Same-Day Support - When things go wrong and they need to be fixed quickly
  • Weekend Support

Autronix provides support through remote access in order to save businesses save cost unless an on-site intervention is required.

All support tickets are provided with a detailed work report on the actions that have been taken to maintain or fix any given event.

To find out more, Give us a call

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Information Security & Data Protection

Autronix offers a wide range of services that can help businesses keep their data safe and operations running smoothly. We specialize in Data Protection and Information Security applied to Small and Medium Businesses.

We begin by establishing the information security requirements with our potential clients and provide a proposal including the services that would be most adapted to the specific situation.

We provide the following services in Information Security:

  • Network, data and computer security assessment
  • Incident response plan development
  • Network appliance and entites configuration review
  • Staff training in safe computer security practices
  • Business computer, data and network security procedures & policies establishment
  • Business computer, data and network security procedures & policies implementation
  • Network & Web Application penetration testing

Every Information Security service is provided with a detailed report or document that indicates all the relevant information necessary to reproduce or set up the environment and maximize the protection of our client's networks by making informed decisions.

To find out more, Give us a call

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Software Development and Technical Drafting

Autronix has an experienced and professional team of developpers at its disposal to offer its clients various services.

Our software development team can help our clients put in place applications adapted to the specific needs of the organization. We provide the following services:

  • Web design and development
  • Web application development
  • Native application development
  • Cross platform development
  • Mobile application development

Our drafting & engineering team can help provide businesses drawings intended for prototyping and production based on real parts, sketches or basic specifications. Our services include:

  • Research & Development cycle plan development
  • Research & Development protocol establishment
  • Research & Development prototype test and validation protocols
  • Technical drafting - based on a physical model, sketch or basic specification
  • Product design development assistance - We help our customers create or complete their designs based on the provided specifications

Give us a call to find out how we can help.

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Small & Medium Business Information Technology

Autronix offers various solutions to Small and Medium Businesses that will allow them to seamlessly integrate technology within their organization through its computer consulting services.

By meeting our potential customers, assessing their requirements as well as understanding the inner processes of the company, we are capable of offering a personalized solution adapated to the specific needs of the business.

We provide the following services to our clients in Information Technology:

  • Network and Infrastructure Assessment
  • Network Infrastructure Design & Planning for new Businesses
  • Existing Infrastructure Redesign and Data Migration for existing Businesses
  • Migration to paperless systems - Let's get rid of the mess
  • Voice Over IP PBX Integration - Saving money with Internet Telephony
  • Server and Workstation Virtualization - Less hardware, more productivity
  • Secure and Reliable Telecommuting Solutions - VPN Remote Access
  • Off-site data backup and restore - Protect your data all the time
  • Staff Training - Learn what you need to get things done

Our goal is to help your business become efficient and self sufficient in terms of technology. We also understand that money is important, and we strive to provide the best solutions at the lowest cost.

Give us a call to find out how we can help.

Endian ap

Unified Threat Management Appliances

Endian logo
Secure your Business with Endian UTM

Securing the data within your business is a critical task. Endian offers Unix based Security Gateway appliances for businesses of all sizes.

Endian Unified Threat Management (UTM) Products offer a solution that allows flexibility, easy management and quick deployment.

With State-of-the-art Information Security technology, Endian UTMs will keep your business data safe against theft, spyware, spam and other Internet Threats.

As an Endian Autorized Partner and official distributor in Canada, Autronix can now offer these products to your company.

Endianutm mini wireless
Endian UTM Mini and Mini WiFi

Small, Efficient, Secure and Affordable. These are the characteristics of the Endian UTM Mini and Mini WiFi.

Intended for Small Businesses with a user-base ranging from 5 to 25 users, the Mini delivers a suite of advanced security and networking features such as Stateful Firewall, Web Content Filtering, Voice Over IP as well as Secure Gateway and Hotspotting.

The UTM Mini and Mini WiFi are the ideal choice for small but efficient networks within a SMB.

Find out more

Endianutm mercury 50 front
Endian UTM Mercury50

The Mercury50 unit was developed with growing businesses in mind.

It is the perfect solution for future proofing the growing infrastructure within your business, intended for a user-base between 10 and 50 and offering a wide range of security and networking features.

Conceived as a Heavy traffic management unit, the Mercury50 can handle all your corporate networking needs while offering enterprise-level security features like a stateful Firewall, Intrusion Detection & Prevention systems and Gateway Anti-Virus.

Find out more

Endianutm mercury
Endian UTM Mercury

The Mercury offers the most complete Unified Threat Management solution in its class.

This UTM offers high level security and network management features in a single appliance: application level filters, anti-virus, anti-spam, Web filtering and VPN functionality.

With performance and reliability in mind, the Mercury will provide fast paced environment for a user-base ranging from 10 to 100 users. It is intended to fulfill the growing demand of Small and Medium Businesses needing a comprehensive security with the highest level of protection.

Find out more

Endian utm macro r1
Endian UTM Macro X and Macro R

The Endian UTM Macro Series offer the highest level of performance and security.

These Unified Threat Management Solutions feature Multi-core processing, scalability and are capable of managing the most demanding networks.

The Macro Series are intended for Medium-to-Large (Macro-X Series) and Enterprise (Macro-R Series) sized Businesses with a user-base ranging from 50 to 2500.

The Endian UTM Macro series will ensure optimal security, performance and high availability by offering the most advanced technology in security appliances.

Endianutm software
Endian UTM Virtual and Software

With the UTM Virtual and Software Appliances, Endian offers any business the possibility to run their State of the Art security solution on any piece of hardware.

Whether you're using your own equipment to ensure the security of your networks, or you want to protect and manage your virtual environments, these UTMs will ensure network reliability and security with success.

All the security features found in the hardware appliances are present in both Virtual and Software Appliances, designed to meet the needs of every business, small or large, providing the highest protection for you infrastructure.

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A proven process

Knowing and understanding how Technology is implemented at your organization is crucial in making informed decisions in the continued operation of your business.

At Autronix we use a proven process that allows us to provide you with the highest quality of service.

By following this process we ensure that all the steps are met in order to fulfill your business needs while keeping you informed at every step of the process.

Click on each step and find out how we do it.

Why work with us?

More than just I.T.

Autronix is more than just Information Technology services.

Our mission is to work with your organization to help you grow your business by using the right tools where it matters.

With this in mind, we analyze and assess your organizational requirements at a business level to provide you with the appropriate technological help.

We're not just geeks; we understand business.

Precision and Perfection

In order for your business to be profitable, you need your tools to work perfectly.

Autronix strives for perfection when working with you to achieve your technological goal.

We look at all aspects of your business in order to offer the optimal solution for your specific needs.

By letting us take care of the technological aspects, your organization can focus on the tasks that matter the most.

Security above all

Information Security is a critical aspect of maintaining a business, yet an often under valued factor in the growth and development of a company.

At Autronix, we are security professionals. Keeping your data safe, regardless of the services you need, is our #1 priority.

In this manner we ensure that your business is protected against online threats.

We work with you

Knowledge is power. Knowing what is happening within your company lets you make informed decisions.

From start to finish, Autronix always keeps you informed about what is going on with your project; this way you can make these informed decisions in regards to your technological assets.

We provide detailed reports for all the tasks we perform; small or big, you'll know what's going on. No black boxes and no surprises.

Who are we?

Autronix is composed by a professional and experienced team of developers, network and computer security specialists.

Meet our founder:

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Jamil Ben Alluch, jr. eng. Gcih Social linkedin
Endian Authorized Partner - Unified Threat Management
Code42 Certified Agent - Unlimited Space Off-Site Backups
Autronix: Helping you find solutions.
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